Today i was scared over reading a facebook post about a woman in our community i know who for quite a long time has been so helpful to our children through her teaching profession. So passionate and kind to-date. The facebook post was a word of appreciation from one of the child ( a big woman now) who went through her hands and at the end, the post she was calling upon all alumni to establish a fund that would go to support her. But when i had just started reading the post, it posed as if it was bad news. Do you know this often happens to many of us. We love to give much attention to the bad news more than we do to the would-be good news.

In Africa, people will even borrow to attend burrial but not saving that family or child that is taking days without food. I mean, people enjoy watching and promoting/sharing videos of hate, gossip, etc than they would share a message of good news. When someone dies, we would spend all we could, yet when he/she was alive we couldn’t even lend him/her a penny. Iam wondering about a life we just lost in the US a few days ago. Who even cared about what was going on in his life, how he survived and what he lacked(not even his family members). But surprisingly, all would prove to us how they cared and how he was a loving man. Who even among those who knew him bothered telling him how good he was when he was still in the living.

As i continue to share about love, such actions donot portray Love.

Acts of love to our beloved ones, wife, husband, pastor, children, all human must be shown when these people are still alive. Stop brief-casing love and wait till it is time of burial. Lets appreciate our people when they are still alive. Lets support them when they are still living. Lets be kind to the living not dead. Lets appreciate those that have made differences in our lives today not tomorrow.

Friends, lets revive love. For God loved the world and gave what was precious before Him. Lets use all that God has entrusted us with to love and make this world a safe and better place for others to live and enjoy. Thank you