Founder of Christian Restoration Ministries International, Apostle John Bunjo together with his wife, Sarah have witnessed the wedding ceremony of their daughter, Alice.

This happened on Saturday, with a few guests present, due to the ongoing nationwide lockdown.

“We had 3 guests. The bride groom, his best man, and brother, but the entire function was extremely amazing,” said Apostle Sarah Bunjo.

Alice lost her biological parents at a tender age. John and Sarah Bunjo brought her into their family, and from that time forward became their beloved daughter.

“The introduction of my daughter took only three hours, and the wedding service plus reception took three hours…It saved a lot of money plus fatigue and anxiety that comes with the functions. I wish we continue like this. Africa will be richer if we avoid unnecessary expenditures,” Apostle John Bunjo said.

In a Facebook Live broadcast, Dr Sarah Bunjo congratulated the newly weds and encouraged viewers to build their families and raise their children on a godly foundation.

She explained that dowry pressures make marriage preparations more difficult today. Sarah cautioned couples that enter marriage on a “broken foundation” of craftiness.

“In this generation I have seen some organize wedding ceremonies, and parade all sorts of (rented) luxurious dowry items, for the sake of showing off,” she said.

“My appeal to any parent is to allow their children marry, regardless of what they have for dowry. At a future date, when they have built their lives, they will always come back to you and share support,” she said.

“So many young men today fail to visit their fiancee’s parents become they demanded a lot of things,” she said.

Apostle Bunjo and his wife have been married for 28 years, “but it feels as though we are still in courtship,” Sarah Bunjo said. “It feels as though we are just getting started. I have enjoyed my marriage so much. Why? Because I got to know what to do.”