Three months ago, the government of Uganda declared very tough and drastic measures for her citizen in curb of the Corona Virus pandemic. These included locking downing several institutions, no movements and no working among others. The government assured a select category of people to be given food (5kg of Posho and 3Kgs of beans). This process taken the government over ‘decades” to get to such a category of people in Kampala and Wakiso which supply/distribution all together didn’t cover even two million Ugandans. I want to thank government for such an initiative but i also wish to encourage our people to stop putting their trust in governments or leaders. I know they promise heaven and earth but their ability is limited. And to whoever has been complaining over the government’s failure to fulfill her promises or do things in time, know that that is the earthly government not God. Lets hope in the Lord. For He has not limit. He says Come to me, all ye that labor, and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest (Mathew 11:28). For his abilities are not shortened. To those that received the government food, are you still feeding on that. To those that cater for a big number of people in a family like mine, what would the 5kg of posho and 3kgs of beans do to us. Thats why i chose to trust the Lord through this season, and indeed he has been our provider to-date. Over 40million Ugandans need God not government support.