Watoto Church has revealed that all its choir members – children and adults – who tested positive for Covid-19 upon return from the UK recently, are on their way to “full recovery.”

Watoto Church Associate team leader Julius Rwotlonyo explained on 19th April, 2020 that they are “responding well to the medication.”

Confirmed sources have it that 8 will actually be discharged on Monday, 20th April, 2020 at Entebbe Grade B hospital.

“For our choir that returned from the UK. It’s the one where a number of the choir members tested positive, seven children and seven adults. I also bring good news to you, my friends, that they are responding well to the medication, and they are on their way to full recovery,” he said.

For clarity, Pastor Julius emphasized that this particular choir had 22 individuals.

While 14 tested positive and were immediately put under isolation for treatment, the other eight who tested negative were also put under mandatory quarantine, but have been released.

“They are going into self isolation for further monitoring,” he said.

“God is good and He works when we His people pray. Let’s keep on in prayer, faith and hope, and let’s keep on in love, trusting that God will take us through this season,” he added.

The Church observed that other members of its choir who returned from Canada completed their 14 days of quarantine, and all of them tested negative for COVID-19

Pastor Julius Rwotlonyo thanked government and leaders in the Ministry of Health for the work that they are doing to ensure that Uganda contains further spread of the pandemic.

He urged Ugandans to take the preventive measures issued by the government seriously. “Those guidelines are key to help us corporately handle this pandemic spread,” he said.

“We’ve had an extension of the lockdown, which I believe is a wise decision so we can continue to monitor and manage the spread of the coronavirus,” he added.