Today, 13th of June 2020 is Stephen Kapere birthday. And together with his team at Yofochm, they spent the day extending their continued support to single mothers and vulnerable girls that are in need of food, offered hygiene supplies and other home essentials in his community.  Happy Birthday Pastor!

Stephen is a committed Activist with a great passion for God & Community – Based Initiatives in Uganda. He is the Executive Director of Youth for Charity Missions International (YOFOCHM), an NGO in Uganda empowering young people & impacting our communities. His organization works with the local leaders on implementing Sustainable Development Goals i.e. Gender Equality, Poverty Eradication & Climate Action in Nakawa District. Since 2007, he supports & creates opportunities for young people in Uganda. Volunteers are welcome to work alongside the YOFOCHM team.

For quite a long time, Stephen has dedicated his life towards supporting communities into sustainable environments. He leads social and innovative campaigns like corporate social responsibilites, charity and others that make our people own their society and turn to be responsible citizens. To Partner with him, Visit: for more information.