One of the most vulnerable stages in a girl’s life is during their menstrual period. To obtain sanitary pads, several teenagers from most families living in abstract poverty in Uganda are engaging in high-risk activities (i.e sex) amidst COVID19 times.

A report compiled by daily monitor news paper shows that 2,300 school girls have conceived, 128 married off already during COVID19 lockdown in Uganda.  The figures were obtained from district health and education departments, and the probation and social welfare departments in Kitgum, Ngora, Kyegegwa, Kasese and Lyantonde districts during the lockdown. These are a few reports from the many cases that have since gone unrecorded in those same districts and  other districts of the country. Infact other statistics are proving Busoga region in Eastern Uganda to have the greatest number of teenage girls engaging into sexual activities in order to obtain essential products including sanitary pads.

It is thus unfortunate to report that if something is not done to save those remaining, a generation of many our girls shall not return to school in many parts of the country, even when coronavirus restrictions are eased. This is largely attributed to the rampant poverty in many families and the lockdown in Uganda which left many parents jobless for four months now. Most of the parents here are poor; they don’t have anything to eat, they don’t have anything in their pocket. As a result, they engage their children into sexual activities and forced marriage to get money. For a detailed report in Daily Monitor news paper: 2,300 school girls conceive, 128 married off during lockdown

Youth for Charity Missions in Uganda is thus so glad to work with NEW LIFE CHURCH, USA to provide hygiene products & feed families in Kampala slums and Kamuli District in Uganda amidst Covid19.
The organization target areas are Kampala slums and needy communities in Kamuli District, Busoga region in Eastern Uganda where girls are most vulnerable due to poverty. To join the fundraising campaign, visit: THE YOFOCHM’S RELIEF FUND or TEL: +256772053408, EMAIL: